Moving to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands

Are you considering moving (back) to the Netherlands? Most likely you have several scenarios in mind and you are wondering what the tax impact and benefits of each scenarios would be. We would be happy to support you with tax advice. If you have already moved, we can file your M-form correctly and tax efficient.

How to optimize your tax situation

Especially if you own (a) house(s) and have assets, a business or other interests abroad, moving to the Netherlands is someting to be carefully prepared. Moving to the Netherlands can give you several Dutch tax refund opportunities. If you seek immigration tax advice in an early stage, you can often still optimise the situation tax-wise. For example you can organize beforehand that you are entitled to the 30% ruling by setting up a BV or being hired by a Dutch company. This would mean that 30% of your salary is tax free and you do not have to declare your worldwide assets in your Dutch tax return (for 5 years). Also the timing of registration or buying a house is very important.

M form

For the year you migrated to or from the Netherlands, you will have to file an M form which gives you several extra refund opportunities. Make sure your entire situation is carefully considered by a tax advisor to prevent costly mistakes or missed refunds.