M form Netherlands

M-biljet in vullen

Make sure your M form is filed correctly and tax-efficient. Mistakes are easily made and can unnecessarily cost you a lot of money. Our expert tax advisors are happy to help you save money, time, and worries.

How does it work and what does it cost?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of having us complete your M form? Send us an email or fill in the contact form and describe your situation and questions. One of our advisers will then indicate by email what we can do for you, what the hourly rates are and how many hours we estimate we need in your situation. For the M form, we usually need 2 to 4 hours in standard situations.

Do you want to get a better picture of what we can do for you? Check the example situations.

Do you need to file the M-form?

Do you want to know if you should apply for the M form in your situation? The M form must be submitted for the year in which you enter or leave the Netherlands. In most cases you will automatically receive an M form from the tax authorities. If you do not automatically receive the M form, it can also be requested. Not sure whether to submit an M form; then let us review your migration situation. An M form can be requested and completed up to 5 years ago.

What can we do for you?

In a migration year there are often extra options for tax benefits. But these are easily missed. The M form has been expanded and a costly mistake is easily made. As experienced tax advisers, we take care of the M form for you, so that you can be sure that it has been filed correctly and tax-efficient. We look at your entire situation so that we do not miss any opportunities for tax benefits, but also do not overlook tax obligations. We do not offer assistance if you want to file the M form yourself.

What about the deadline?

In most cases, the deadline for the declaration is July 1. If you let us take care of your M-tax return, we usually request an extension. After completing the form, it will take a few months before you receive a provisional assessment. It can then take up to three years before you receive the final assessment. If you would like to outsource the completion of the M declaration to us or submit your situation to us first, please contact us.


Examples of M form situations in the Netherlands