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business tax

Doing the accounts, annual reports and submitting the applicable tax returns are important matters for your business. Not only to meet the legal obligations but of course also to get a good insight in the financial position of your business. Entrepreneurs can also contact us if there is an international situation.

“We like to guide people in that area”, Roderik Suurmond is the contact person for business clients, also in international situations. Roderik refers to the compass that is incorporated in the logo. “Getting sound tax advice on time can save an entrepreneur a lot of money, we often see in practice. “There is often a lot involved. We give advice on which cost items they can include, what the tax facilities are and how they can organize their business administration. We really look at how everything can be structured as favorably as possible in their situation.”

Our goal is to reduce the tax burden as much as possible, to take over your financial and tax cares, and to help you with our advice to make your business even more successful. You can outsource all your financials to our office or we can advise you on a specific part of it. We can also help you set up a Dutch BV. Whatever your wishes are, you can count on personal service from our side and we will do all we can to make the most of your business.