Fees and procedure


Hourly rates

We believe each situation is unique and needs the attention that this particular situation deserves in the given circumstances. Since each case is different and demands its own approach, we do not use standard rates. To be able to take care of your tax affairs in the most effective and optimal way with a long-term benefit we charge hourly rates ranging from € 175 to € 285 plus 21%VAT, depending on the type of work and complexity of your situation.


As tax advisors our main focus is our advisory role and complete service; therefore, we do not regard ourselves as merely a tax filing service. Our intention is not solely to supply a certain ‘product’ in the shortest possible time, but to strive for a high-quality overall solution for our clients. Our methodical way of working often results in substantial savings for our clients, so you may often recoup our fees in either the short or long term. In any case, you will be assured that your interests have been looked after in the best possible way. In addition it is equally important that you take your obligations towards the tax authorities seriously.

Submitting your situation

Step 1. You are welcome to submit your situation to us by email or by filling in the contact form. This is free of charge. Please describe your situation in as much detail as possible and include your latest tax return, for example.

Step 2. One of our advisors will review your situation and give a detailed response with any additional questions, what is important in your situation, what we can do for you; the relevant hourly rate, and if possible an estimate of the time required.

Step 3. If you would like to use our services, we will continue the contact by email, and/or you can make an appointment for a video call, telephone consultation*, or an appointment in our office in Maassluis . We will then inform you about the further process.

*) Also for an initial consultation by video call or by telephone our hourly rate is applicable. In this advisory discussion, you will already receive tax advice specifically for your situation. For completeness’s sake, we want to inform you that we will charge a minimum of 2 hours for an initial consultation and also for one-off advice taking into account the necessary preparation and processing time.