Starting business

If you are thinking of starting business in The Netherlands many legal and fiscal aspects will have to be taken into account. Decisions taken when starting a business often have long-term consequences – either positively or negatively. International business structures need careful tax planning in order to design the most tax efficient structure. Therefore it is important to acquire professional advice. You can contact us for advice.

Our advisors can advise you how to start a business in the Netherlands and can support you with:

  • assisting with incorporation and registering with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • submitting the necessary forms to the Tax Office and other authorities;
  • drafting a business plan and organising the accounts;
  • deciding which business type you want to use, for example sole trader, partnership or limited liability company, which each have their own legal characteristics and tax facilities.

Corporate tax rates

The business investment climate is very favourable in The Netherlands. The corporate tax income rate for example is only 20 to 25%. Research & development projects profit from the innovation box, with a corporate tax rate down to 5%. The Netherlands has got one of the largest tax treaty networks, thus avoiding double taxation with many countries. The Dutch participation exemption causes dividends from qualifying shareholdings to be enjoyed tax free and the fiscal unity regime makes it possible to freely offset profits and losses among group members. Maybe yet more important is the beneficial fiscal climate towards international companies.

Corporate tax facilities

The corporate tax facilities together make international business structures very tax efficient. On top of all this there is the 30% tax ruling for expatriates recruited from abroad, which makes 30% of their income tax free along with other advantages.


As an expat and business owner, my income taxes can get pretty complicated. But thanks to the folks at J.C. Suurmond & zn., I don’t have to worry about getting things wrong or forgetting obscure tax rules. It’s great to feel like I have someone on my side dealing with the Dutch tax authorities. They’ve handled my taxes for years, and I hope they will for years to come. Thanks 🙏🏼”

– Brian Pagán-


“Work in the US, through secondment by a Dutch research institute. Sander was able to advise me on avoiding double taxation and other tricky questions, and help with filing taxes in NL during the last two tax seasons. Professional and prompt responses, can certainly recommend!”

– Roelof Smit –


“They are very helpful and responsive in the times of need. Good and clear communication of right information.”

– Mishanthini Sivasamy –

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Who are Suurmond Tax Consultants

Since 1986 expat and business tax advice in relation to the Netherlands is one of our areas if expertise we provide to our individual and/ or business clients.

In addition, we can also assist in a variety of other cross-border situations. We will ensure you are compliant as well and that you pay no more tax than needed. Examples include advising clients as to starting a business in The Netherlands, accounting, property tax, and amnesty ruling. We file all types of  tax returns and specialise for example in the 30% ruling and 183-days rule consequences. The value we can add with our fiscal advice, is a key focus point to us. Also, what should not be overlooked, is the fact that a correct tax return will prevent future issues and penalties. This is essential when moving to a new country, or when setting up a business in a new country. 

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