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Untaxing taxes!

Getting adjusted to a different way of life in a new country will take some time. Becoming an expert in local tax laws and regulations in the Netherlands will take a lifetime! J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants is a Dutch tax company with an international perspective. Since your interests are central to us, you are assured of a proactive, personal service. Our tax advisors speak English fluently and have an international background.

No matter what tax situation you encounter, we know how to handle it in your best interest. Clients from all over the world have trusted our expertise in the last 30 years and we have successfully made use of existing tax regulations in the Netherlands to reduce their tax liability.

If you are unsure as to your tax position, take a step in the right direction and consult our independent professional team. Like the compass in our logo we will navigate you through the complexities of the Dutch tax system in the best possible way.

Tax Return 2017

Completing a tax return in a foreign language is a time consuming and complicated business. Let us relieve you of this ‘taxing’ assignment and we will make your taxes untaxing!

30% Ruling

The 30%-ruling results in 30% of your salary being paid out on a tax free basis. You can come to us for advice, application and second opinion.

Free tax scan

Have a closer look at your tax situation so you don’t leave your money with the tax authorities unnecessarily. We offer you a quick scan of your personal tax situation free of charge!