Leaving the Netherlands tax advice

Leaving the Netherlands

Are you leaving the Netherlands again? Do you want to know how to optimize your moving situation tax-wise? If you seek tax advice in an early stage you can make maximum use of tax refund opportunities.

Read some example situations of Leaving the Netherlands.

Leaving the Netherlands due to the coronavirus

Will you be leaving the Netherlands sooner than expected due to the coronavirus? Contact us to see if there are possibilities to optimize your tax situation beforehand, even if your move will be at short notice. The year after your leave from the Netherlands we can advise you about filing the 2020 M-form.

Change in tax status

Do you still have income from or assets in the Netherlands after your move? In that case you will still have to pay income tax in the Netherlands but as a non-resident taxpayer. We can advise you on how to structure things in a tax-efficient way. Do not forget to deregister with the city council when you are leaving the Netherlands. If you forget to deregister, the tax authorities will continue to view you as a domestic taxpayer, and tax you as such.

Sell of keep your house after leaving the Netherlands?

If you own houses in more than one country it can be quite complicated to oversee what is the best step to take. We can advise you whether it is more profitable tax-wise to sell or keep the house when you leave the Netherlands. And in case you keep it, whether renting it out or keeping it for your own use is best.

M form

For the year in which you have left the Netherlands, you will have to file an M form. This form gives you several extra refund opportunities. It is important to have your entire situation carefully considered since costly mistakes are easily made. Our tax advisors can help you with filing the M form correctly and make sure you do not miss any tax refunds.

Example situations of leaving the Netherlands