Double taxation relief

Belasting werken buitenland

If, as a resident, your worldwide income is taxable in the Netherlands it may also be (partly) subject to taxation elsewhere, resulting in double taxation. In most of these cases double taxation relief is available through a tax credit which exempts you from paying tax in the Netherlands on this same income. In some situations however, income could be taxable in two countries or not taxable at all. If your salary is earned in different countries a salary split often offers possibilities to reduce tax. To define in which country a salary is taxable the 183 days rule is applied in most countries.
Example situations double taxation relief

Special regulations apply to US citizens, who remain taxable in the USA, making available further tax planning opportunities. International organisations often have special policies on taxation. This could for example result in exemption of taxation on wages and pensions.

As the rules and forms of double taxation regulations can be different from one country to the next, your particular situation will have to be looked into carefully and the best tax planning structure will have to be worked out. Please present us with your particular (double taxation) situation and we will search out the most advantageous solution.

Example situations of double taxation relief