US Persons

The American tax system is based on nationality and not on residency. This means that as a US person you will have to pay US tax, also in case you are not living in the US.

Double tax solutions
The consequences are often that US persons living abroad are paying double tax. If you are a US person living in the Netherlands our specialized tax consultants can help you reduce your Dutch tax liability. We have helpend many US persons with their Dutch tax returns and work together with CIAK tax consultants and Ralph’s Tax Service who are both specialized in US tax advice and US tax returns.

FATCA compliant facility for US persons in EU
US persons living and working in The Netherlands will, most likely, know about the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). This legislation has resulted in all retail banks in NL refusing to accept applications for the most simple of investment accounts from US persons. The banks not unreasonably citing the fact that they neither had the human resources or commercial will to comply with the exhaustive reporting required by the IRS. Due to recent US/UK tax legislation including inter-governmental agreement, one of our trusted partners, Thames Clyde Financial Consultancy, has completed due diligence and can now offer a FATCA Compliant Solution.