Update activities and measures coronavirus

16 March 2020

(Update May 20st: the measures below are still in accordance with the most recent government announcements).

In relation to the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 virus, we have adjusted certain of our activities. We do our utmost to ensure that our work for and services to you run smoothly. We therefore exercise the necessary caution in contact with colleagues and clients and adhere to the measures as drawn up by RIVM. Practically this means:

At our office:

  • Our employees work at home if possible;
  • In case of (mild) physical complaints, employees stay at home in any case;
  • We use the prescribed hygiene measures;
  • We keep a meter and a half apart from each other;
  • Obviously we do not shake hands;

For our clients:

  • Do you have the opportunity to submit documents digitally for the declaration? Then we prefer this;
  • You can also send your documents by post. It is useful if you inform us that your documents are on the way;
  • Would you like to drop off your documents at our office? If desired, you can also do this in our letterbox (right next to the front door). Explanation is then possible by email or telephone. You will hear from us anyway if we have any questions.
  • We are available for an appointment here at the office once the situation has normalized. We are happy to arrange an extension if there are deadlines or if periods are about to expire;
  • Due to the lower occupancy, we may be less accessible by phone;
  • We will remain easily accessible by e-mail

In case of any further measures, we may have to adjust the above list again.
Do you have any questions regarding the above measures? Mail us: or use the contact form.