Tax Returns Netherlands

If you earn an income in The Netherlands you are liable to pay Dutch tax. Consequently you most likely will need to file tax returns Netherlands. Normally the Dutch Tax Office will invite you to complete a Dutch tax return.

However, their information is not always complete or up-to-date so you could be overlooked. This does not mean you are exempt from filing the tax return; if you earn taxable income or own taxable assets you are nevertheless obliged to submit a Dutch tax return. If incorrectly no income has been declared, the Tax Office can tax you retrospectively for 5 years (for foreign assets even up to 12 years).

There are various income tax returns for expatriates (or expats) in the Netherlands:

  • Resident taxpayers, who live in the Netherlands will have to complete a P-tax return form;
  • Non-resident taxpayers, who only earn income from the Netherlands, will have to file a C-tax return form;
  • In years of immigration of emigration the extensive M-tax form will have to be prepared.

Business tax returns Netherlands

Apart from the income tax returns which apply to individuals and self-employed persons, there are various other tax returns. Limited companies (B.V.) will have to submit the annual Corporate Income Tax return (Vennootschapsbelasting). Apart from this they could be liable to monthly Wages Tax returns or turnover tax returns Netherlands (BTW in Dutch).

Services for tax returns Netherlands

J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants will complete the annual tax return in the most advantageous way and we will identify further (international) tax saving opportunities. Our office is dedicated to reduce the tax burden of you as an expat individual or your enterprise as much as possible. The tax return will be submitted through our accountants and tax returns Netherlands software, which enables us to communicate efficiently with the Tax Office.

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