Tax deduction listed buildings abolished?

18 November 2016

Many Rijkmonument (listed building) owners were shocked when on September 21 Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education, Culture and Science proposed to abolish the Rijksmonument maintenance tax deduction facility per 2017 and replace it by a subsidy (which would be more hassle and provide less financial support.). The tax deduction listed buildings facility supports Rijksmonument owners financially by an 80% tax deduction on maintenance costs. The plan has been under heavy attack by Rijksmonument organisations, owners and politicians. This has led to the abolishment being postponed with a year. For Rijksmonument owners this will most likely lead to maintenance being moved forward to 2017.

Challenges for Rijksmonument owners
Owning a “Rijksmonument” seems like the ultimate living in the Netherlands experience. Holland has many beautiful national monuments that give the country it’s typical look.
Living in one is a privilege, but also has its challenges. If a buiding is designated as a Rijksmonument there are many restrictions when it comes to making alterations to it since the exterior and often also interior characteristics need to stay intact. Such work needs to be done by a qualified architect or contractor who has knowledge of these restrictions and knows about what materials are allowed to be used. The same counts for maintenance, which often needs to be done by a specialized company. And with an old building, maintenance is necessary.That is why the tax deduction facility is a necessity for monument owners. If they cannot pay needed maintenance anymore, disrepair might set in. Hopefully the tax deduction facility is saved not only for 2017 and with that the Dutch national monuments.