Tax Consultant

In a different country, with a different language, rules and customs it is often difficult to understand tax situations and the complex international tax regulations. Therefore you may be glad to know that Dutch tax consultant professionals are available to you as an expat.

Experienced tax consultant

Whether it concerns a 30% ruling request, a tax return, or complex double taxation matters, we will gladly make our expertise available to you. J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants has specialised in expat tax advice for more than 25 years. As tax consultant office we are available when you need us and we like to go that extra mile for you. Moreover, we have the persistency to make the most of your situation and maximally save tax for you. Our team of specialists focuses on a very personal way of doing business resulting in a flexible and trustworthy relationship.


Both individuals and business clients want to ensure they can rely on professional expertise to assist them in fiscal matters. That is why quality is our top priority.

We can assure you of expertise, professionalism, independence and integrity. We actively follow changes in international tax legislation in order to make use of all the advantages it offers our clients. Together with our local expertise we know exactly how to get the best results from complicated international tax situations, so our clients can concentrate on what they do best and rest assured that we will look after their interests.

Registered Tax Consultant

In 1986 our office received a tax consultant registration number and was registered with the Tax Office and hence licensed to file tax forms. As registered tax advisors we also enjoy some privileges in relation to the Tax Office, such as the possibility of negotiating (prolonged) extension for filing tax forms and direct access to the Tax Office, including the Helpdesk Intermediaries.

Our tax advisors are experienced with the following areas:

  • Optimum completion of your expat tax return and securing tax refunds;
  • Tax consequences and refund opportunities in emigration or immigration year;
  • Advice regarding qualification and request 30% ruling and application of tax rebate;
  • International tax planning;
  • Housing, mortgage interest tax deduction;
  • Estate planning;
  • Amnesty ruling (legalizing undeclared funds);
  • Tax issues for students and graduates;
  • Severance pay and tax consequences;
  • International tax compliance;
  • Business accounts;
  • Business tax advice regarding VAT/BTW, Wages Tax/payroll, Corporate Income Tax;
  • Income/salary split;
  • Double taxation deduction;
  • Exemption of social security contributions, E101/A1 form;
  • Many other tax issues.

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