Tax Advisors

As an expat getting adjusted to a different way of life in a new country will take some time. Becoming an expert in local tax laws and regulations will take a lifetime! Therefore you may be glad to know that professional Dutch tax advisors are available to you.

Experienced tax advisors

Whether it concerns a question regarding the need of submitting a tax return, or complex international tax planning, our expertise will provide you with an answer. J.C. Suurmond & zn.

Tax consultants has specialised in expat tax advice for more than 25 years. As tax advisors our main focus is on advising our clients; therefore, we do not regard ourselves as merely a tax filing service. Our intention is not solely to supply a certain ‘product’ in the shortest possible time, but to strive for a high-quality overall solution for our clients and maximize their tax rebates.


Both individuals and business clients want to ensure they can rely on professional expertise to assist them in fiscal matters. That is why quality is our top priority.


In the fast moving world of international taxes, keeping up with changing laws, case law and other developments is essential. Therefore, our staff are involved in on-going educational activities, such as keeping up to date with international tax and accountancy news items and professional publications on a daily basis, and attending courses and seminars by renowned tax lecturers and organizations.  Naturally, our clients will directly benefit from the practical application of this knowledge with further tax saving opportunities. 

Registered Tax Advisors

In 1986 our office received a tax consultant registration number and was registered with the Tax Office and hence licensed to file tax forms. As registered tax advisors we also enjoy some privileges in relation to the Tax Office, such as the possibility of negotiating (prolonged) extension for filing tax forms and direct access to the Tax Office, including the Helpdesk Intermediaries.


As tax advisors we value our independence and the client’s interests very highly. J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants wish to serve you in accordance with their own professional standards without any interference from potentially restrictive prior arrangements with the Tax Office.

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