Tax Advice

As an expat getting adjusted to a different way of life in a new country will take some time. Becoming an expert in local tax laws and regulations will take a lifetime! Therefore you may be glad to know professional Dutch tax advice is available to you.

Tax advisors

Whether it concerns a question regarding the need of submitting a tax return, or complex international tax planning, our expertise will provide you with an answer. J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants has specialised in expat tax advice for more than 25 years. From the start of our company clients received tax advice with the emphasis on personal service which was lacking elsewhere.

Proactive tax advice

We believe that timely advice is absolutely critical in every international situation. If we are contacted before you have actually moved or started a business for example, the situation can yet be structured in view of maximum tax efficiency. Of course, this does not mean that tax advice obtained at a later stage is not valuable.

We are experienced with tax advice regarding:

    • Optimum completion of your tax return and securing tax refunds;
    • Tax consequences and refund opportunities in emigration or immigration year;
    • Advice regarding qualification and request of the 30%-ruling and application of tax rebate;
    • International tax planning;
    • Housing, mortgage interest tax deduction;
    • Estate planning;
    • Amnesty ruling (legalizing undeclared funds);
    • Tax issues for students and graduates;
    • Severance pay and tax consequences;
    • Corporate structure tax advice;
    • Company accountancy;
    • Business tax advice regarding VAT/BTW, Wages Tax/payroll, Corporate Income Tax;
    • Income/salary split;
    • Double taxation deduction;
    • Exemption of social security contributions, E101/A1 form;
    • House property tax;
    • And many other tax advice issues.

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