Open ended saving platforms

Our trusted professional associate Thames Clyde Financial Consultancy are a fee based practice, based in The Hague since 1998 providing advice on savings and investment strategy (including downside protection).

Thames Clyde Financial Consultancy offers open-ended savings platforms for international individuals living and working in NL. The platforms are multi-currency and can hold a wide range of assets; listed company shares, bonds and collective funds.
‘As close as it gets to an instant access bank account – but instead of a
mediocre interest rate – you can hold real asset-backed investments’

  • Access to capital on platform is unlimited and penalty free;
  • Flexible contributions, i.e. as and when you want to save;
  • Low cost facility;
  • Transparent fees;
  • Absolutely no commissions.

Platform provider is ARIA Capital Management. Custodian SEI (UK).