Petition against retroactive 30 ruling change offered to Ducth parliament

1 June 2018

protest 30 ruling wijziging

Last Tuesday afternoon (May 29th), the United Expats of the Netherlands handed over a petition international professionals to Minister of Finance Menno Snel of the Tweede Kamer (Second Chambre of the Dutch Parliament). The international professionals had backup from Pieter Duisenberg (Association of Universities, mayor John Jorritsma (on behalf of Brainport Eindhoven) Hans de Boer (chairman of the VNO-NCW). Around 35 academic, scientific and cultural organisations and companies have offered a pamphlet to the Second Chaimber. With this Pamphlet they protest againt governments plan to retroactively cut the 30% ruling period from 8 to 5 years from Januari 2019.

Also the FNV Trade Union has indicated that although it is not againt shortening the 30% ruling, it is againt cutting it for current expats.