Living in the Netherlands but working abroad

4 May 2021

living in the netherlands working abroad

Are you living in the Netherlands but working abroad? For many internationals, the corona crisis caused them to, or in some cases, gave them the opportunity to work remotely from abroad for their Dutch employer. For example, you could no longer return to the Netherlands after a visit abroad. Or this time of remote working gave you the opportunity to spend more time with your partner abroad and work from there. Or you went back to your home country to be closer to your family or just felt safer there.

Are you in a situation like this? Keep in mind that living in the Netherlands and working (from) abroad can have tax consequences. Your physical work location is very important from a tax point of view and determines where you have to pay income tax. In any case, it is important that you keep a close eye on how many days you work abroad in such a situation, including holidays. If people work abroad for more than 183 days, that country will also tax the income. The Netherlands should then grant double tax deductions in proportion to the days worked abroad.

Tax return consequences
If you were in the above situation or similar in 2020, please ensure that your 2020 tax return is filed correctly. Our specialized tax advisers can support you in this and ensure that you are not taxed twice or too little. The same counts for 2021. But in this caes you may still be in time to organize the situation in such a way that the tax consequences are minimal or the most favorable. By submitting your international work situation to us, you can make the best possible decisions.