Leaving the Netherlands due to the coronavirus

8 May 2020

Leaving the netherlands

Leaving the Netherlands sooner than expected due to the coronavirus? Contact us to see if there are possibilities to optimise your tax situation even if your move will be at short notice. After leaving the Netherlands we can advise you about filing the M-form.

The coronavirus has extra consequences for you if you work and live as an expat in the Netherlands. Maybe you are concerned about your health and safety (and that of your family), living in a foreign country with different circumstances and measures as your home country. Or your contract with your Dutch employer is not extended due to the current economic circumstances. In any case, you feel or are forced to leave the Netherlands earlier than planned. Most likely you also have (had) less time to prepare for the relocation.

If you have managed to move back to your home country, your unexpected leave from the Netherlands by the corona virus will also have tax consequences. Due to your migration, you will live and work both abroad and in the Netherlands in 2020 and you will have to fill in a Dutch M form. It is important that this is done properly so that you do not experience any unpleasant financial consequences afterwards.

You can contact our tax consultancy to have your M form completed and for tax advice before your leave from the Netherlands.