Information about the coronavirus in the Netherlands in English

28 April 2020

As an expat in the Netherlands, often far away from family, you may be extra unsecure about what is happening in these times with the coronavirus being present here. Our partner Dutchnews is committed to her international readers and provides them with corona updates in English. Also there is a corona in the Netherlands Q&A. Chief editor Robin Pascoe noticed that the Dutch government tended to forget the expat community somewhat while providing information about COVID-19. On the Dutchnews website she has collected all relevant corona information: the relevant news, but also articles about home schooling, creative initiatives etc. Also she refers to Polish, Turkish, Chinese and German news websites.

She sums up several official Dutch sources with information in English:

Also there is the Dutchbuzz on Den Haag FM (92.0 FM) with a daily update.

If you have any questions about how the corona virus measures might affect your tax situation, don’t hesitate to contact us.