Filing your M-form in the Netherlands

17 June 2021

M form filing

You migrated to or from the Netherlands in 2019 or 2020 and received an invitation to complete an M form. Or you have applied for it yourself. You may have gathered the courage to start filling in the M-form, but it soon becomes apparent that it is not so easy.

Missed tax benefit or costly mistakes

You want to be sure that you fill in everything correctly and are thinking about getting professional help for this. That’s sensible. Certainly, if there are certain nuances in your situation; for example, you moved later or earlier than your family. Or you traveled back and forth for a while and only (de)registered when you sold/ bought your home. But even in standard migration situations, there is a real chance that you accidentally enter something incorrectly or miss extra options for tax benefits. It may also happen that you think you have entered everything correctly; moreover, based on the provisional assessment, you will be reimbursed a nice amount by the tax authorities. However, it regularly happens that a final assessment is not made until 3 years later. Only then can it become apparent that you have made a mistake and that you have to repay the previous amount.

Outsourcing the M-form filing

Having your M-form completed by an experienced tax adviser in the Netherlands gives you the certainty that your M form has been completed correctly and optimally. An expert tax advisor will look at your entire situation, so that no opportunities for tax benefits are missed, but also no tax obligations are overlooked. You will earn back the costs of having your M-form completed. Certainly, if your tax situation in the longer term is also taken into account.

The deadline is usually July 1. However, an extension can be requested for this.