Tax return Netherlands

If you are working or living as an expat in The Netherlands you are liable to pay Dutch tax. In your case, it is certainly worthwhile to check the Dutch tax refund possibilities, because expats often have increased tax refund possibilities compared to “regular” Dutch taxpayers.

Even if you have not received an invitation to submit a Dutch tax return, it is important to have your tax situation checked by a specialized expat tax advisor to ensure you don’t miss any tax refund opportunities while filing your tax return in the Netherlands. If you have your tax return automatically done by your employer or a firm hired by them you can also come to us for a second opinion.

J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants are experts in expat tax matters and will make sure the optimum tax status is applied for with a mamixum Dutch tax refund. We will check whether all tax deductions, credits and allowances, applicable to your situation, are made use of. We can also advise you about the non-working spouse tax refund. Regular Dutch tax return deductions are for example:

  • mortgage interest deduction
  • educational costs (also of your children or partner),
  • charitable giving
  • alimony
  • non-compensated health costs

In a proactive way you will be advised of your personal tax saving possibilities, which will be processed in the income tax return. As we provide a complete tax return service, we will also check the tax assessments that follow and appeal if needed to make sure your tax affairs are settled correctly. We will not rest until a tax refund – if applicable – has actually arrived into your bank account.

Tax forms
The regular tax form is a P-form. In immigration or emigration situations however, an  extensive M-form has to be submitted. This is a more extensive tax return form and has to be submitted on paper. In a situation where you only lived in the Netherlands very short or merely worked in the Netherlands, a C-form for non-domestic taxation may apply.
The M-form and C-form often give opportunity for refunds. With help of our direct line to the inspectors at the tax inspectorate for expats in Heerlen, we can check what tax return needs to be submitted in your situation.
We also take care of other tax forms, for example the request for a provisional refund for mortgage relief, which results in a monthly refund instead of a lump sum after the end of the year.

Free Tax Scan
To introduce you to our services we offer you a free tax scan. We can check your refund possibilities free of charge. For more information click here.