Do you need expert tax advice to understand and optimize Dutch taxes?

Personal service

When it comes to your tax affairs we understand that you are looking for a trusted tax advisor with a proactive, long term focus and personal service. Our experienced tax advisors can help you understand your tax situation and explore ways to optimize your taxes.  We are happy to support you with tax advice if you are in situations like these:

  • Moving (back) to the Netherlands;
  • Assets or property in the Netherlands and/ or abroad;
  • 30% ruling end;
  • Covid-19 impact on working and living situation;
  • Pension taxable elsewhere;
  • Emigration affecting your tax position;
  • Need to submit your NL tax returns (for several years);
  • Unexpected huge tax assessment;
  • Filing an M form after leaving the Netherlands;
  • Buying, selling or renting a (second) house.

How can we help you save money on taxes?

Each international tax situation is unique, amongst others depending on the country you live or generate income from. We are happy to help you optimize your Dutch tax situation by looking at tax saving possibilities in your specific situation or possible scenarios, and understanding how the possible tax treaty works in your situation. We provide tax services like:

  • Tax advice on the tax impact and benefits of several scenarios;
  • Minimizing Dutch tax on your income and assets;
  • Tax filing for several years without missing any tax refund opportunity;
  • Strategic plan for taxes both in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • Minimizing tax consequences in (un)expected international working and living situations;
  • Negotiations with the Dutch Tax office.

What’s it worth?

As qualified advisors we want to be fully aware of your situation to make maximum use of existing Dutch tax regulations and international tax treaties. From our experience we know that a budget cost tax return service may seem profitable at first, but there is a chance that something important is missed. Especially if your situation is more complex. We have claimed back € 50.000 on income tax for a US client with a complex international situation who used an online tax return service for several years and missed out on one important tax refund possibility.

How does it work?

If you have a tax question please send us an email or fill in the contact form with as much details as possible. One of our advisors will get back to you and indicate what is important in your situation, what we can do for you and what the hourly rates are. Our hourly rates range from € 175 to € 235 plus 21% VAT, depending on your situation.


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