International tax planning

International situations are often complicated because of the many regulations and exemptions that apply.

As more countries are involved, this does not only concern  the Dutch law but also that of other countries and international treaties, making it  even more difficult. On the other hand these situations also present many tax planning opportunities. Much depends on your particular situation, tax status and objectives, for example if or when you will be likely to move again. During the years of immigration and emigration it is essential to get advice as to the possibilities.

A structured tax planning can work out to be very favourable to you, especially if it is taken up at an early stage when a situation can yet be optimized. We will gladly make our expertise available to you and help you with your tax planning.

Social security exemption

If you are not living in the Netherlands you can possibly opt for exemption of Social Security Contributions. Normally these contributions are only due in one country; however when living in one country and working in another country this can cause conflicting situations.