Declaring assets abroad

If you are tax liable in the Netherlands but have assets here or abroad you may have to declare these. This counts if you are not under the 30% ruling (anymore). You are then considered to be a domestic tax payer. If you do not declare your (worldwide) assets you are risking a maximum fine of 300%. Contact our tax consultants to help you find out if your assets abroad have to be declared.

If you are under the 30% ruling but have not opted for partial non-domestic taxation you have to declare your (worlwide) assets in box 3 without the exemption of Dutch real estate. We do recommend to double check if you have correctly opted for partial non-domestic taxation since a mistake can be easily made. In case you forgot to opt for partial non-domestic taxation we can check what tax obligations you have.

Chances that undeclared savings come to the tax inspector’s attention have increased. If this is the case and you have not done this yet, we can help you present your case in the best way to the Tax Authorities to minimize the fine.