End-of-year Newsletter 2016

6 December 2016

We trust 2016 has gone well for you so far! It is now time for our end-of-year newsletter 2016 with fiscal tips and hints to make it better still. The 2017 tax plan was passed by parliament and awaits the final vote in the upper house on the 20th December.

The tax proposals have been changed on a number of points. The withdrawal of the proposal to terminate the tax deductions for maintenance costs of listed buildings and study costs certainly was a welcome change for the tax payer. These proposals were subject to substantial criticism of the public, also as the replacing arrangements were not worked out in detail. We did participate in the genuine objections to these plans which would have worked out very unfavourably. Further changes or reforms of the tax system will be left to a new government to be elected in March 2017.

In this newsletter you will find articles about the tax plans for 2017 and the related tax saving opportunities. We hope you will be able to take advantage of these. Please note however, that these articles are only general and may not be applicable in your situation. Please contact us for tailored advice or a further explanation.