Dutch Tax Return

If you earn an income in The Netherlands you are liable to pay Dutch tax. Consequently you most likely will need to file a Dutch tax return. Normally the Dutch Tax Office will invite you to complete a Dutch tax return.

However, their information is not always complete or up-to-date so you could be overlooked. This does not mean you are exempt from filing the tax return; if you earn taxable income or own taxable assets you are obliged to submit a Dutch tax return. If incorrectly no income has been declared, the Tax Office can tax you retrospectively for 5 years (for foreign assets even up to 12 years).

Tax refunds

If you are not liable to any additional taxes but are entitled to a tax refund, you are not obliged to submit a tax return, but of course this could prove very advantageous! Especially for expats it surely is worthwhile to check the refund possibilities each year.


Dutch income tax returns can be filed by both resident taxpayers, who live in the Netherlands, and non-resident taxpayers who earn income in the Netherlands. Each category has its own tax consequences. As a resident taxpayer of the Netherlands you are taxed on your worldwide income and you can make use of the advantages of the Dutch tax system. As a non-resident you are only taxed on your Dutch sourced income. In this last case however you can choose to be treated as a resident taxpayer so you can benefit from the available deductions. The last option, partial non-resident status, is most advantageous but it is only available if you have been granted the ‘30%-ruling’.

In a year of immigration or emigration the tax return will have to be filed by way of an M-form. This Dutch tax return is more extensive than other forms. It is essential to get good advice as to which options and procedures apply to your specific situation, since there are many with different results.

Dutch tax return service

J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants will complete your annual Dutch tax return in the most advantageous way in order to reach a maximum tax refund. We will make sure the optimum tax status is applied for and check whether all tax deductions, credits and allowances, applicable for your situation, are made use of. Apart from individuals taxes we also take care of business Dutch tax returns, such as for corporate income tax, wages tax and turnover tax.

The Dutch tax year is equal to the calendar year. Normally an income tax return should be submitted to the tax authorities before April 1st after the year concerned. As registered tax consultants we can request time extension for submitting the Dutch tax return. 

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