Dutch Americans overseas bank problems

5 December 2016

From Januari 2017 Dutch banks are obligated to ask their American customers for their American Social Security number (SSN). The banks are allowed to give Americans overseas without a SSN nine months to get one. This can be a big problem for US persons who have been living in the Netherlands for a long time, maybe even their whole life. Many of them probably do not have a SSN and getting one most likely will take too long. Without the SSN the Dutch banks have to say goodbye to their customers, risking high fines and economic consequences if they don’t. Not having a Dutch bank account means no payment possibilities and might even mean that mortgages contracts will be cancelled by the bank.

American Overseas writes about the bank problems and other problems Dutch Americans encounter and provides a lot of information.

Our Dutch tax office has an international perspective and works together with Ciakllc for US taxes.