Deadline M-form July 1st: 5 tips

15 June 2018

If you have migrated in 2017 you will have to submit a M-form for the year 2017, the so called migration year. In this year you probably had income both from the Netherlands as from the previous country you lived (or the other way around) in and you will most likely have to pay income tax in both countries.

The deadline for filing an M-form is July 1st 2018. You can request an extension or ask a tax advisor to do so. You will either receive the M-form per letter from the tax office on your home adress in the Netherlands or in the country you moved to. If not, you will have to request for an M-form yourself.

Make sure the M-form is filed correctly. A mistake is easily made and can cost you money, now or in a couple of years. Here are 5 tips:

  1. If you have not automatically received an M-form you can request for one (till 5 years back!). Be careful, if you do so you are obligated to file the form;
  2. Be careful not to declare income that does not need to be declared;
  3. Make sure you fill in all the items time proportional;
  4. Make sure to declare income in the correct time period;
  5. Plan ahead. If you want to optimize your tax situation make sure that you seek information as soon as possible. For example about the best time to actually move, buy or sell a house or leave the Netherlands again. Good or bad timing can have a significant impact on your tax bill.

If you have questions regarding to filing your M-form, it is wise to seek advice first. You can contact our office to explain your situation.