Compensation measures for businesses during corona crisis

6 April 2020

Firstly we hope that you are still in good health in the current Covid-19 crisis. We also hope that your business activities can be continued as much as possible. If you are suffering loss of income through the current crisis, the government has taken various compensation measures. If this is applicable to you, let us know if you need assistance with applying measures such as extension of payment and subsidising of employees. For more information please refer to

Businesses in financial trouble may request extension of payment, also for VAT. The BTW/VAT return for the first quarter will have to be submitted before the end of the month as usual. Are you a client of our office or do you want to become a client? Please then supply us with the relevant information dated in this period.

As April is a very busy month for us with various deadlines on top of the crisis situation, please supply the information as early as possible (latest 15th April).