Join us at the I am Expat fair

10 October 2016

Join us at the I am Expat fair   On Saturday November 5 2016 we will be one of the exhibitors at the I am Expat fair, taking place at the Grote Kerk in The Hague centre. We will be … Continue reading

Agschaffing scholingsuitgaven aftrek

Start your study before 2018

4 October 2016

Are you planning to study? It might be wise to start before 2018. In the tax plan for 2017 it is mentioned that the government plans to dispense with the study cost deduction from 2018. The minister of education plans … Continue reading

Confused about the 183 days rule?

2 September 2016

If you are working and living in more than one country you probably have heard about the 183 days rule. This ruling is used in the standard OESO double taxation treaty and thus is applicable in the tax treaties of … Continue reading

Why you should be careful while filing an M-form!

15 August 2016

Not carefully filing an M-form can cost you a lot of money. One of our clients emigrated from the Netherlands beginning of January 2013. The M-form, which is obligatory in the year of emigration, was filed by himself. This almost … Continue reading

30 years anniversary!

3 June 2016

We are pleased to announce that our office celebrates its 30th anniversary this month; 30 years in which our clients’ interest and a personal approach were first priority. This is still current even now our team has expanded especially in … Continue reading

US willing to solve FATCA problems for US persons

27 May 2016

US willing to solve FATCA problems for US persons As a US person you know that you will have to pay US taxes no matter where you live outside the US. Many US persons pay double taxes. This problem has … Continue reading

Make sure you have opted for partial non-domestic taxation

25 March 2016

If you have the 30% ruling: are you sure you have opted for partial non-domestic taxation? If you are not sure of this, you may need to take action quickly as the consequences could be substantial. If you have not … Continue reading

Centre of life crucial for taxes

21 March 2016

Living and working in more than one country can have quite some fiscal and financial consequences. The tax authorities of the country where your so called centre of life is are entitled to claim taxes. Your centre of life is … Continue reading

Tax return 2015 information

4 March 2016

From March 1st onward it is possible to submit your 2015 income tax return. If you could supply your 2015 information we will look after your tax return as soon as possible. In this newsletter you will find information about possibilities for … Continue reading

Your 2016 tax benefits

24 December 2015

Check our current affairs newsletter for the latest tax news in the Netherlands to know which tax benefits are possible for you in the new year.