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Dutch government aware of FATCA problems

24 April 2017

The Dutch government is aware of the problems US citizens in the Netherlands are facing. Every Dutch person with an American nationality is also tax liable in the US. Besides that since January 2017 US persons are obligated to provide … Continue reading

American Express informs Tax authorities about Dutch clients

As part of a large-scale research into international tax evasion American Express will have to inform the IRS about Dutch card holders. The Netherlands have requested this. It concerns American Express cards linked to a bank account outside the Netherlands … Continue reading

Newsletter tax return 2016

24 March 2017

  No tax return?   This year again we have been informed by clients who received a letter from the Dutch tax authorities mentioning that they did not need to submit a tax return, although in their particular situation it … Continue reading

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FATCA: US exchanges bank account data with Netherlands

6 March 2017

The Dutch Tax authorities have send a request to persons with assets in the US that have not been declared. It says that the Netherlands have received these financial data from the US based on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance … Continue reading

End-of-year Newsletter 2016

6 December 2016

We trust 2016 has gone well for you so far! It is now time for our end-of-year newsletter 2016 with fiscal tips and hints to make it better still. The 2017 tax plan was passed by parliament and awaits the … Continue reading

Dutch Americans overseas bank problems

5 December 2016

From Januari 2017 Dutch banks are obligated to ask their American customers for their American Social Security number (SSN). The banks are allowed to give Americans overseas without a SSN nine months to get one. This can be a big … Continue reading

Tax deduction listed buildings abolished?

18 November 2016

Many Rijkmonument (listed building) owners were shocked when on September 21 Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education, Culture and Science proposed to abolish the Rijksmonument maintenance tax deduction facility per 2017 and replace it by a subsidy (which would be more … Continue reading

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Policy changes relating first residence in 2015

14 November 2016

In 2015 there will be two important policy changes relating the first resisdence. These are the once-only increased exemption from Gift Tax and concerning mortgage interest. Once-only increased exemption from Gift Tax The once-only increased exemption from Gift Tax of … Continue reading

Exhibiting at the I am Expat fair

7 November 2016

Good atmosphere & interesting conversations at the I am Expat fair in The Hague last Saturday November 5th.                        

Join us at the I am Expat fair

10 October 2016

Join us at the I am Expat fair   On Saturday November 5 2016 we will be one of the exhibitors at the I am Expat fair, taking place at the Grote Kerk in The Hague centre. We will be … Continue reading