Government spokesman Finance says no transition period will be introduced

26 April 2018

Dutchnews published an article which leaves little hope for expats with the 30% ruling that a transition period will be introduced. So far the government stands its ground in also cutting the 30% ruling for expats who already have the … Continue reading

Government plans to shorten 30% ruling to 5 years from January 2019

24 April 2018

The Dutch Minister of Finance Snel has announced the plan to shorten the 30% ruling from 8 to 5 years from Januari 1st 2019. This plan will be part of the Belastingplan (Tax plan) 2019 which will be presented at Prinsjesdag … Continue reading

Belastingdienst stuurt weer brieven aan zwartspaarders

Important tips for the Tax Return 2017

13 April 2018

Time has come again for the Income Tax return for the year 2017. In this newsletter you will find some information about the 2017 tax return and other current tax affairs that might be relevant to you. If you supply … Continue reading

Dutch tax changes explained regarding your 2017 tax return

22 March 2018

This article in I am Expat, written by Lennart Suurmond, explains the 5 most important tax changes to come and if and how they affect the 2017 tax return:


How to declare your worldwide assets if the 30% ruling is ending?

If you are entitIled to the 30% ruling you can opt for partial non-domestic taxation. This way you don’t need to state your worldwide assets in your Dutch tax return, exept Dutch investment property. But what if your 30% ruling … Continue reading

Want to know more about running your own business in the Netherlands?

26 January 2018

One of our tax advisors, Roderik Suurmond, who is specialised in tax matters for business has written an article about Sole Proprietorship for Anglo Info South Holland. DUTCH INCOME TAXES: Sole Proprietorship If you have any questions after you read … Continue reading

New Dutch government reducing tax advantages expats

11 October 2017

In the coalition agreement published on Tuesday October 10th the new Dutch government has indicated that they will reduce tax advantages for expats, mentioning shortly that the 30% ruling period will be cut from 8 to 5 years. There are … Continue reading

30 ruling report consequences for expats

23 June 2017

The Dutch Ministry of Finance has presented a report about the 30% ruling to the Parliament’s Second Chamber. It’s findings are merely positive from the Ministries viewpoint. The ruling has attracted more specialists from abroad and thus improved the Dutch … Continue reading

Dutch government aware of FATCA problems

24 April 2017

The Dutch government is aware of the problems US citizens in the Netherlands are facing. Every Dutch person with an American nationality is also tax liable in the US. Besides that since January 2017 US persons are obligated to provide … Continue reading

American Express informs Tax authorities about Dutch clients

As part of a large-scale research into international tax evasion American Express will have to inform the IRS about Dutch card holders. The Netherlands have requested this. It concerns American Express cards linked to a bank account outside the Netherlands … Continue reading