Corona support measures for businesses extended

5 June 2020

If your business has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus and the containment measures you can make use of regulations amended by the Dutch government. These are the amongst others Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Sustained Employment and the Reimbursement … Continue reading

Leaving the netherlands

Leaving the Netherlands due to the coronavirus

6 May 2020

Leaving the Netherlands sooner than expected due to the coronavirus? Contact us to see if there are possibilities to optimise your tax situation even if your move will be at short notice. After leaving the Netherlands we can advise you about … Continue reading

What are the coronavirus effects on your tax situation?

What are the coronavirus effects on your tax situation?

23 April 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus has changed a lot for working people in general, but especially if it involves an international job. If you live in the Netherlands and have a job that requires working in several countries your work situation has … Continue reading

Compensation measures for businesses during corona crisis

6 April 2020

Firstly we hope that you are still in good health in the current Covid-19 crisis. We also hope that your business activities can be continued as much as possible. If you are suffering loss of income through the current crisis, … Continue reading

Information about the coronavirus in the Netherlands in English

3 April 2020

As an expat in the Netherlands, often far away from family, you may be extra unsecure about what is happening in these times with the coronavirus being present here. Our partner Dutchnews is committed to her international readers and provides … Continue reading

Update activities and measures coronavirus

16 March 2020

(Update May 20st: the measures below are still in accordance with the most recent government announcements). In relation to the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 virus, we have adjusted certain of our activities. We do our utmost to ensure that … Continue reading

2019 income tax return

Your tax return 2019 newsletter

12 March 2020

Time has come again for the Income Tax return for the year 2019. In this newsletter you will find some information about the 2019 tax return and other current tax issues that might be relevant to you. If you supply … Continue reading

What are the Brexit consequences for UK expats in the Netherlands?

What are the Brexit consequences for UK expats in the Netherlands?

10 February 2020

From February 1st this year, the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is a fact. A transitional period will apply until the end of this year. During this period, the UK and the EU are negotiating their future relationship, including … Continue reading

Sponsoring Night of the refugee

20 June 2019

Our colleague Quifaina was walking along with the Night of the refugee in Rotterdam. With this sponsor campaign money is raised and attention asked for people all over the world who have fled their homes because of war, conlict and … Continue reading

Hulp bij M formulier

Filing an M form: 3 considerations

7 May 2019

Of course you want your tax affairs to be in order. You are not looking forward to a high assessment or a correction afterwards, but you want to know where you stand. That is why it is important that your … Continue reading