What are the Brexit consequences for UK expats in the Netherlands?

What are the Brexit consequences for UK expats in the Netherlands?

10 February 2020

From February 1st this year, the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is a fact. A transitional period will apply until the end of this year. During this period, the UK and the EU are negotiating their future relationship, including … Continue reading

Sponsoring Night of the refugee

20 June 2019

Our colleague Quifaina was walking along with the Night of the refugee in Rotterdam. With this sponsor campaign money is raised and attention asked for people all over the world who have fled their homes because of war, conlict and … Continue reading

Hulp bij M formulier

Filing an M form: 3 considerations

7 May 2019

Of course you want your tax affairs to be in order. You are not looking forward to a high assessment or a correction afterwards, but you want to know where you stand. That is why it is important that your … Continue reading

newsletter tax return 2018

Newsletter tax return 2018

14 March 2019

Newsletter tax return 2018 Ten points of attention 2018 tax return The Tax Office has selected the 10 most important points of attention for the 2018 Income Tax return, as follows: Remainder personal tax deduction (if a tax deduction could … Continue reading

brexit 8 resons to form a company in the netherlands

Brexit uncertainty: 8 reasons to form a company in the Netherlands

15 January 2019

Because of uncertainty relating to Brexit many UK companies are considering establishing a presence on the EU mainland. With a Dutch company formation they want to make sure their EU customers will remain well served or supplies of goods are … Continue reading

newsletter tax return 2018

End of year tax tips 2018

7 December 2018

INDIVIDUALS 30% ruling The maximum term of the 30%-ruling will decrease from 8 to 5 years as from January 1st 2019. In principle the 30% ruling will now terminate after 5 years unless this period is reached in 2019 or … Continue reading

30% ruling cut to 5 years extended by 2 years

16 October 2018

The Dutch government has officially anounced that it has canceled the planned abolishment of the dividend tax. State secretary of Finance Menno Snel says that the large amount of money that is saved will be spent entirely on tax savings … Continue reading

30 ruling cut still in tax plan 2019

30% ruling might be cut less radically

12 October 2018

Last weeks news that Unilever will not move its head office to the Netherlands is one more reason for the Dutch government to question if the expensive dividend tax abolishment plan should continue. The coalition is currently reconsidering the entire … Continue reading

30 ruling cut still in tax plan 2019

30 ruling cut still in Tax plan 2019

26 September 2018

Last week the tax plan for 2019 was published; it contained the proposal to cut the 30 ruling period from 8 to 5 years without a transitional agreement for current cases. Especially the fact that the cut also counts for … Continue reading

Dutch tax minister sticks to plan to reduce 30% ruling without transition period

10 July 2018

Dutch tax minister Menno Snel has answered the Dutch parliament’s numerous questions about the 30% ruling and his plan to cut the period from 8 to 5 years without transition period. He does indicate that it was not possible yet … Continue reading