Tax return 2021 and coronavirus (measures) tax implications

11 April 2022

Was your international working and living situation in 2021 still affected by the coronavirus (measures)? In that case, it is important to check what the consequences are for your 2021 tax return. If you worked more days in the Netherlands … Continue reading

Suurmond Taxconsultants and RRT together for Ukraine!

25 March 2022

Among the various organisations we support, our financial support to the RRT Rapid Relief Team is the most current. RRT provides hope and support to people over the whole world – especially in the hour of need, such as the … Continue reading

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Newsletter Income Tax return 2021

25 March 2022

In the Income Tax return 2021 newsletter you will find some information about the 2021 tax return and other current tax topics that might be relevant to you.

plannen box 3 gaan niet door

Supreme Court judgment on box 3 levy

25 February 2022

As you may have heard in the press, the Supreme Court ruled on 24 December 2021 that the box 3 tax based on a fictitious return on investment in 2017 and 2018 is disproportionately high and is therefore in violation … Continue reading

Belasting buitenland werken

Collective ruling box-3 mass objection procedures 2017 to 2020

11 February 2022

The Tax and Customs Administration has published the collective decision in the massive objection procedures against the box-3 tax for 2017 to 2020. All 200,000 objections have been declared well-founded. This does not mean that the participants in the mass … Continue reading

Newsletter End of year tax tips 2021

30 November 2021

We would like to inform you about the latest tax changes and saving opportunities with this end-of-year newsletter. We hope you will benefit from this newsletter. Please contact our office for more information and personal advice. We have distinguished our … Continue reading

Relocating offices

26 November 2021

We are planning a major move! Early 2022, J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax Consultants will move to new premises in Maassluis. We look forward to continuing our pleasant cooperation from our new office there. 2022 will bring a major change … Continue reading

plannen box 3 gaan niet door

Negative savings interest tips

3 August 2021

Nowadays, more and more banks have a negative savings interest rate, already from € 100,000 on the savings account. So you no longer receive interest on your money in the savings account, but you have to pay a certain percentage … Continue reading

M form filing

Filing your M-form in the Netherlands

17 June 2021

You migrated to or from the Netherlands in 2019 or 2020 and received an invitation to complete an M form. Or you have applied for it yourself. You may have gathered the courage to start filling in the M-form, but … Continue reading

living in the netherlands working abroad

Living in the Netherlands but working abroad

4 May 2021

Are you living in the Netherlands but working abroad? For many internationals, the corona crisis caused them to, or in some cases, gave them the opportunity to work remotely from abroad for their Dutch employer. For example, you could no … Continue reading