Tax returns for businesses

Fiscale aangiften

Businesses in the Netherlands are liable to various taxes with each having their own characteristics. The main ones are turnover tax (VAT), Wages Tax, Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax.

(Corporate) Income Tax

A sole trader or partnership is liable to Income Tax, whereas a limited company is submitted to Corporate Income Tax. Both taxes have their own tax facilities and deduction possibilities.

Our office will complete the annual Dutch corporate tax return in the most advantageous way and we will identify further tax-saving opportunities. Our office is dedicated to reducing the tax burden of your enterprise as much as possible. The corporate tax return will be submitted through our accountants and tax software, which enables us to communicate efficiently with the Tax Office.


In the Netherlands, apart from the tax returns on the profit made within a business, also turnover tax returns will have to be submitted in order to declare the claimable and payable/due VAT (BTW in Dutch). Also depending on the size of the business, this can be done on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. For international transactions within the EU, also an ICP form will have to be submitted similarly.

Wages tax/Payroll

If your business has got employees you will need to set up a payroll administration to make sure the correct amounts for Wages Tax and social security premiums are withheld and paid. The Wages Tax return will have to be submitted monthly. This is also required for the director/owner of a B.V. company, who is regarded as an employee of this business. We can take care of the payroll administration together with the tax requirements and also provide advice for your employment issues.