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Internationaal belastingadvies ondernemers
In your business a lot of international transactions take place and you would like to know how this affects the turnover tax (BTW). You are starting up a business and need tax advice on the available Dutch business structures. Your company based in another country does business in The Netherlands and you want to make sure whether it is liable to any Dutch taxation. You want to employ people from abroad and would like to confirm that they qualify for the 30% ruling. This is where our tax advice can help you.

In the immensely complex international tax legislation often more questions come up than you care to recount. Whether you have a brief question or an extensive fiscal problem, our experts will provide you with an answer. Best results are obtained if you contact us for tax advice as early as possible when the situation still can be optimized.

For international companies not only Dutch tax law is relevant, but also tax laws in other nations and international tax treaties. This causes complicated situations, but at the same time opens up opportunities for international tax advice and tax planning. In order to avoid double taxation for example it is important that participation exemption applies to the income earned from the foreign subsidiaries.

Do you have a dispute with the Tax Office and do you need professional assistance? J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants does not hesitate to take over your case and defend your interests by appeal to the Tax Office and if necessary up to the High Court.

Example situations of business tax advice