Brexit uncertainty: 8 reasons to form a company in the Netherlands

15 January 2019

brexit 8 resons to form a company in the netherlands

Because of uncertainty relating to Brexit many UK companies are considering establishing a presence on the EU mainland. With a Dutch company formation they want to make sure their EU customers will remain well served or supplies of goods are preserved.

Eight reasons for a company formation in the Netherlands for UK businesses are:

  1. proximity to the UK;
  2. good infrastructure;
  3. easy and simple flight and ferry connections (from London to Amsterdam only 45 minutes flight time);
  4. a recent research showed that NL was the non English country with best English speaking community;
  5. also communications with the Dutch government can often be done in English and documents are available in English, ensuring an efficient way of doing business;
  6. Corporate Income Tax rates are one of the lowest in the EU; currently this is 20% up to a profit of € 200.000 and 25% there above; but these percentages will be reduced in steps to 15% and 20,5% in 2021;
  7. NL is one of the countries with the most tax treaties with other countries over the whole world;
  8. Expats coming from abroad to work for a company registered in the Netherlands can qualify for the 30% ruling; apart from exempting 30% of the salary from Income Tax it offers a few more tax advantages.

We have assisted many UK companies incorporate a BV company in the Netherlands. Contact us to see how we can help your company.