Our services

Personal service

Our tax consultants office, since 1986, is fully equipped to provide overall solutions for fiscal and financial issues of both expatriates and business clients. J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants are independent and put the client’s interests first. Our team of specialists is available to you when you need us and willing to go the further step in order to make the most of your situation.

As tax advisors our main focus is on advising our clients; therefore, we do not regard ourselves as merely a tax filing service. Our intention is not solely to supply a certain ‘product’ in the shortest possible time, but to strive for a high-quality overall solution for our clients.

Personal Approach

Mutual trust and a personal, flexible approach are the key elements of our operation. In practice, this means direct contact and proactive communication between you and your contact person within our organization, and swift action when required. As your trusted tax advisors we are wholly at your service when you need us and will spare no effort to achieve the best outcome for you.

Our Fees

Our methodical way of working often results in substantial savings for our clients, so you will recoup our fees in either the short or long term. We apply different rates for our services, giving you various options. We may work on the basis of an hourly rate, a fixed-price or, in certain cases on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis.

Since each case is different and demands its own approach, we do not use standard rates. We can, however, usually work out a fixed price, once we know your situation and the amount of work required and have all the necessary information. Normally we charge for tax advisory services on the basis of our  hourly rate.


Our office is part of a vast international network of financial services providers, including civil-law notaries, accountants, tax lawyers, mortgage advisors and financial planning advisors. In this way you have access to a total service package.

Contact Point for Dutch Tax Office

As tax advisors we have direct contacts at the Dutch Tax Office and know what questions to ask and of whom. Many of our clients make use of our  correspondence address service, whereby any tax papers are first sent to our office so that we can provide written advice and send this along with the tax documents through to you. In this way you straightway know what action is expected from you, if any.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As tax advisors we are very aware of our social responsibilities. Our duty -among other things- is to help taxpayers to get their tax affairs in order and to act as intermediaries with the Tax Office.

If, for example, a tax payer has financial difficulties or feels intimidated by a large organization such as the Tax Office, we are very happy to provide assistance and to advise on the client’s rights.

Our office takes an environmentally aware approach, reducing our use of paper as much as possible and using environmentally friendly and energy saving equipment. Moreover, we advise our clients on environmental awareness and related tax benefits.

Sponsor campaigns

To support the global community we are sponsoring several campaigns in the field of youth, emergency services, homelessness, health and disability and refugees.