J.C. Suurmond Tax consultants


When Hans Suurmond left a large, international accountancy company in 1986 to start his own tax consultancy company he had a dream. His dream was to have the freedom again to offer his clients the personal service that he wanted and to really serve their interests.

“I wanted to be able to do more for my clients and also longed for more satisfaction in my job. The ratrace, rules, standard processes and harsh, impersonal approach no longer made sense to me.”

His tax consultancy company started as a sole proprietorship, but in the following years his three sons joined the company. Also two extra fiscal advisors and two administrative employees have joined the team. As a family company we can put even more emphasis on a personal service with our clients. All clients have their own advisor, but we have meetings regularly to be able to provide everyone with the best advice.

From the very beginning our main expertise is offering international tax advice to individuals and entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and from all over the world. All tax advisors speak several languages well and have many international contacts.

We have specialised in international tax services for expatriates, such as 30% ruling, international tax planning and assistance to starting businesses. 

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